Slot Overview: Monster Truck Mayhem

Some people like seeing monster trucks with enormous wheels bounce, tumble, and crash their way around enormous dirt courses in stadiums. If you’re a fan of monster trucks like a lot of other people, you might like the Monster Truck Madness slot machine from Booming Games. The game has all the bells and whistles of a Monster Truck event, along with the sights and sounds of the arena, Random Wilds, Bursting Wilds, free spins, and Minor Elimination.

I’ll give Monster Truck Madness credit for getting off to a great start with a truck doing a backflip to the accompaniment of fireworks and a riff-heavy rock song. The action takes place in the middle of an arena, with players standing on the track in front of a dirt ramp that rises up like a tidal wave, threatening to swallow the 6-reel, 4-row game grid. To the left, a monster truck revs its engine, while the remainder of the scene is dominated by stadium seats and floodlights. Monster Truck Madness has an atmosphere not dissimilar to that of a video game, and it works really well.

When you take the cover off the machine, you’ll see a highly volatile mathematical model that theoretically returns 95.2% to players (or 95.9% with the purchase of free spins). Bets range from c/p 0.30 to €/£ 450 per spin and may be placed on Monster Truck Madness from any device. There are 30 fixed paylines in this game, and you may win with any combination of three to six identical symbols on those lines.

Minors, which consist of metallic-looking J through A card ranks and pay 2–5 times the bet, are followed by Majors, which consist of two riders and two monster trucks, and pay 6–15 times the stake for six of a type. All regular pay symbols can be replaced by Wild symbols, and Bursting Wilds can appear at any time. As we shall see, there are connections between the two as well.

Features of the Monster Trucks Slot Machine

Features such as Random Wilds, Bursting Wilds, Minor Elimination, Free Spins, and even a bonus purchase may or may not help players win this Monster Truck race.

Wild Cards

While the reels are spinning in either the main game or the bonus round, the Bursting Wilds feature can randomly add anywhere from 1 to 24 wild symbols to the grid.

Expanding Forests

These golden Bursting Wilds are an upgrade from the conventional wilds. When a reel is hit by a Bursting Wild, all of the symbols on that reel are transformed into wilds. The Random Wilds option may include exploding wilds. The success assessment happens after the bursting action has happened.

Minimal Reduction

In both the main game and the free spins, this feature can activate at any time. There will be a cascading impact when all Minor symbols disappear from the reels. Any unselected icons fall to the bottom of the board, making room for Major, wild, or scatter icons to fill the vacant spaces above.

Bonus Turns

When 3, 4, 5, or 6 of the skulls made of metal appear, the player receives 8, 12, 16, or 20 free games, respectively. The frequency with which the random features are activated during free spins is increased. Finally, the price of purchasing the bonus feature is 70 times the wager.

Slot Machine Result for Monster Truck Mayhem

There are some truly monstrous elements to Monster Truck Madness, and we got a taste of the’madness’ that these enormous vehicles are capable of causing. Booming Games does a respectable job of cranking up the attitude, what with all the visual signifiers and the pounding soundtrack. Fans of this style of racing, entertainment, or whatever else it may be labeled, on the reels should be pleased. Naturally, if the idea of big-wheeled vehicles careening around a dirt track sounds a little ridiculous to you, you should probably skip this.

Monster Truck Madness’ gameplay is relatively standard, so that may be another reason to pass on it. Even though it’s not explicitly stated in the game description, it seemed like the additional bonuses activated more frequently during free spins than they did throughout the main game. However, that’s only a gut feeling, so it’s not certain that this is how free spins always go. The modifiers are OK on their own, centered mostly on wilds of some sort; the Minor Elimination, though, can shake things up a little. Monster Truck Madness’ maximum payout of 2,500 times the wager is hardly earth-shattering.

In conclusion, Monster Truck Madness seemed like one of Microgaming’s old fan-focused sports games, the kind they used to make and then made again with the release of Numero Uno. As a niche product, it may appeal to monster truck fans more than anybody else. That’s because many episodes of Monster Truck Madness aren’t actually all that crazy or terrifying. Although enjoyable at the moment, the replay did not generate the kind of excitement that would have made one want to immediately purchase tickets to the next Monster Jam event.

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